2019’s Best Drone for Beginners


Are you a beginner in shopping drones?

Drones are insanely fun, and awesome. If you love taking pictures, videos, or vlogging, you’ll want to have this device. These devices make stunning aerial pictures and videos. Or else, you can use this device as a hobby.

Take note that there a wide variety of drones in the market; in your case, the wisest option is a drone ideal for your level. And one of the top-seller drones for newbies this year is Force1 U49C Red Heron Camera Drone.

Introducing Force1 U49C Red Heron

One of the reasons why this item is quite popular is because it is an excellent learner drone. Many buyers find this device easy to operate and control. Moreover, despite being a learner drone, it also has excellent features that you’ll find in an advanced drone.

Force1 U49C Features

This drone is perfect for taking pictures and videos for both beginners, and professionals. And if you are looking for a functional drone with an affordable price, this option is the best one to go.

Aside from above, Force1 U49C Red Heron has several amazing features that are worth spending money. Here are the best features of this device that you’ll surely love.

1. High-Definition Camera

This Red Heron drone has a remarkable camera. The camera of this device can capture 120-degree wide-angle shots. And, it has 720 high-definition camera lenses that allow you to capture beautiful and clear images with less distortion.

2. Connection Options

This device has two connection options. It has an SD card that stores the videos or images captured. Moreover, using the SD card, you can immediately transfer the file into different gadgets. It also has a micro USB cable for faster file transfer to another device.

3. Speed Modes

The U49C has three-speed modes. These speed options let you control the drone with each flight, as well as its route.

4. Takeoff and Landing Features

Professional drones with remote control are difficult to control when it comes to taking off and landing. Luckily, the U49C already has one-key takeoff and landing features. This technology makes it easier to control the drone when landing or launching it into the air. Hence, piloting this device is less stressful compared to advanced remote-controlled drones.

5. Headless mode

The headless mode is a unique feature of Red Heron U49C. This feature allows the drone to move in any direction without accidents like flipping or turning. Thus, it supports a smooth flight and holds altitude for long periods.

Is it a Good Buy for the Money?

The Red Heron Force1 U49C is a good option for a beginner drone. However, there are other alternatives out there with almost similar features at a lesser price. And if you are looking for such an aircraft with an FPV feature, you might want to consider other choices since this drone has no FPV feature.

If you need more assistance in looking for a beginner drone, go to Aero Critic. The Aero Critic is an informative website that posts product reviews as well as advice to guide buyers in searching for the best drone in the market. Right here, you’ll get to see the best drone alternatives and choices this year.


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