A Guide for Professionals and Beginners on Choosing the Right Cutting Board Material


It is a misconception that any cutting board will do. You have to remember that cutting boards vary in materials, sizes, type of grains, and level of maintenance required. These factors are significant when it comes to looking for a high-quality cutting board, whether it is for home or professional use.

Among the above factors, a cutting board’s material is one detail that you have to consider first. To help you do the right choice, here is a simple and comprehensive guide on navigating the best cutting board material for home and professional use.

Choosing the Best Material for Cutting Boards

The most common cutting boards you’ll see in the market are plastic, glass, bamboo, and wood. Each one of these materials has a different effect on kitchen knives. Here are the things you must know regarding different types of cutting board materials.

  • Glass Cutting Board

As much as possible, avoid glass cutting boards. Though it may look aesthetically pleasing and fancy, it is not a good choice either for home or professional use. Glass easily dulls kitchen knives. The same goes for other hard cutting boards like marble, granite, composite, and ceramic.

  • Plastic

It is a popular choice among buyers due to its affordability. Moreover, plastics are easy to clean and safe to knives. However, there are reminders you need to take note of when buying plastic cutting boards.

Avoid slick and smooth plastic cutting boards, for it causes the knife to slip. Also, acrylic plastics are hard on knives. The best plastic cutting board out there is polyethylene or polypropylene. Look for plastic cutting boards with these materials.

  • Bamboo

A bamboo cutting board is an excellent choice. This material is guaranteed durable and great for sustainability. It has a long lifespan and does no damage to kitchen knives.

Another reason why bamboo cutting boards are quite popular is the anti-bacterial properties it has. Moreover, it is lightweight compared to wooden boards. It is also low on maintenance. You don’t have to oil a bamboo cutting board as often as wooden boards.

And if you are the type of person who prefers environment-friendly options, a bamboo cutting board is the best choice in the market.

  • Wood

Wooden cutting boards are the leading choice of many professional and amateur chefs. The material looks lovely in the kitchen. But the best thing about the wooden cutting board is its long lifespan, and it is great for knives.

However, you have to be cautious when choosing a wooden cutting board. Only select wooden boards from hardwood such as oak and maple. Avoid softwood like pine for it easily dulls a knife.

In a nutshell, the best cutting board material is wood and bamboo.

Now that you have figured out which cutting board material to choose, the next step is to find the best cutting board in the market.

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