A Smart Shopping Guide on How to Look for a High-Quality Nondescript Laptop Bag


Students, professionals, office workers, and entrepreneurs of today mostly rely on laptops. It allows them to manage, create, and save files easier and faster. Indeed, this device contributes a lot in terms of maximizing an individual’s productivity and performance.

Laptops are not cheap. They are expensive, especially technologically advanced and high-performing models. Additionally, these devices contain the owner’s personal information, confidential documents, photographs, and many more. Given these facts, one must take care of their laptop.

Unfortunately, laptops are the easiest devices to steal. Most individuals use a traditional laptop to carry the device. As a result, one can easily recognize if a person is carrying such a device because of the laptop’s bag.

If you own a laptop, how can you protect it from theft?

One way to reduce the chances of theft is by using a nondescript laptop bag.

What is a Nondescript Laptop Bag?

As the name tells, a nondescript laptop bag does not resemble its traditional counterpart. Its design is more of a regular backpack or large shoulder bag. The purpose of such a discreet design is to confuse and trick robbers. They won’t notice that you are carrying a laptop inside that bag.

How to Look for It?

Nondescript laptop bags are available at local stores, as well as online. These are quite accessible, and you’ll find various types of this product coming from well-known manufacturers.

If you want to buy a nondescript laptop bag, below are some tips that will help you find the best choices.

#1 Check Out the Size

Take note that laptop bags differ in sizes. Some can accommodate 13 inches laptop but not larger models. That is why the size always matters when it comes to laptop bags. Make sure its dimension is enough to carry at least a 15.6 inches laptop.

#2 Mind the Material

Find out if the laptop bag came from high-quality materials. It is better to choose one made of tear-resistant and durable fabric. This type of material has a long lifespan and capable of carrying the weight of a laptop.

#3 Extra Compartments and Spacious

Pick out a nondescript laptop bag with several compartments or slots, and with enough space to carry personal items. The extra pockets allow you to organize other stuff and prevent it from juggling inside the bag.

#4 Comfortable Shoulder Straps

Laptops weigh approximately one to two pounds (2 kgs). Carrying such weight is uncomfortable, especially if the bag contains other stuff.

Choose a nondescript laptop bag with comfortable and breathable shoulder straps. With this feature, you can carry the bag easier in longer periods.

#5 Manufacturer

It is best to choose a nondescript bag coming from a trustworthy and well-known manufacturer. Examples of these nondescript laptop bags are the following:

  • Mancro Laptop Bag
  • Kroser Laptop Bag
  • Ravuo Messenger Bag for Men
  • Nubily Laptop Bag for Women


When shopping for a nondescript laptop bag, you have to consider the quality of the material, its dimension, and the ability to provide comfort. By remembering these features, you can assure a good purchase.

Do you need more help in looking for a nondescript laptop bag?

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