Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider When Buying a Dehumidifier


One of the first steps to a healthier home is to solve any humidity issues, and one of the best ways to do that is to buy a dehumidifier. Humidifiers are specifically designed to maintain a healthy level of humidity inside a room. This will prevent bacteria and mold formation that can cause various health problems.

When do you need a dehumidifier?

  • The walls and ceiling are always moist or wet.
  • There is an unpleasant and stuffy feeling inside the room.
  • There is an unusual smell.
  • Obvious mold.

If you are currently considering purchasing a dehumidifier, the following are the top things to consider when buying a dehumidifier.

#1: Space

Before you come up with a decision of purchasing a dehumidifier, you should figure out the size of the dehumidifier that will fit inside your room and which is suited for the room’s current space. Here is how you should pick a dehumidifier according to the size of your room and you might be surprised to know you need more than one:

  • Small rooms, including the bathroom and laundry room, should consider a dehumidifier with a pint capacity of 25-40.
  • Middle-sized room, including your bedroom and rooms that shows signs of a high level of humidity should consider a pint capacity of 40-59.
  • Large rooms such as the living room and other large living spaces should require a pint capacity of 60 and up.
  • Garages, basements, and even the crawlspaces should have specially-designed units with 70 and up pints.

#2: Find out your current indoor temperature and the level of humidity

The performance of a dehumidifier can be affected by the indoor temperature and the level of humidity – the higher level of humidity inside the room, the bigger the capacity unit of dehumidifier you need to choose, which is similar to room temperature with low humidity level.

#3: Budget-friendly

While there is a wide array of options, choosing amongst the best is not easy. Fortunately, there’s another factor to consider when buying a dehumidifier – the price.

Are you willing to pay more for the added features? Or is the price too much for you to spend right now? Good thing, there are budget-friendly dehumidifiers that are available in the market today; all you need to do is read the reviews of the dehumidifier you are planning to purchase if it is worth the money.

#4: Energy-efficient

Some dehumidifiers can hurt your electric bill. So, if you do not want to pay too much, you have to look for an energy-efficient dehumidifier. To know if you are buying an energy-efficient dehumidifier you have to look if the product is Energy Star Rated – this means that the product was manufactured according to the strict guidelines of the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Final Thoughts

A dehumidifier is one of the essential home electronic appliances that you should consider investing in. If choosing the best one seems difficult, just remember that you need to consider the space of your current room, the current indoor temperature, your budget, energy-efficient, and convenient to use. Also, you may read reliable posts like this.


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