Different Types of Makeup Powder that You Should Know


Every year the cosmetics industry formulates newer versions of their makeup line; most of these are makeup powders.

While anyone can differentiate the difference between loose white powders from a makeup powder, not every makeup users know that makeup powders come in different forms.

If you are starting to learn everything about makeup, from the brands to the application, you should also learn about the basics of makeup; one of these is to understand the different types of makeup powder. The following are the different types of makeup powder that you should know.

#1: Translucent powder

If you want to set your makeup and control the shine from other cosmetic products, giving it with a nice matte finish, you need translucent powder. Translucent powder is that colorless, sheer facial powder that sets the makeup – it is not used to cover nor add color but to provide the overall makeup a better matte finish. To use the powder, you need a large brush and lightly brush it all over your face.

#2: Finishing powder

Unlike the translucent powder, the finishing powder is that white powder used to minimize pores and fine lines, giving your makeup that ‘perfect’ finish. It is used after the makeup is complete. Also, this powder is not recommended for daily use, but a perfect finishing option that will keep the fine lines and pores concealed in front of bright lights and camera.

#3: Loose powder

One of the common makeup powders that you can find in the market is loose powders. Loose powders come in different colors, but the most common are those that are translucent or the colorless shade. The cosmetic powder is a great option to achieve even finish.

Mineral loose powders are one of the common types of loose powder; if you need to purchase one or two, you can easily find it your best drugstore loose powder.

#4: Pressed powder

Another type of cosmetic powder is pressed powders; the difference between the loose and pressed powder is obvious. These kinds of cosmetic powder are often in compact form, designed for easier and for ‘on the go’ use.

#5: Mineral powder

The mineral powder can be either pressed or loose. The cosmetic powder is unique compared to other chemically formulated powders; these often come from minerals of the earth such as, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, and talc, which are milled to smaller particles.

#6: Finely milled powder

Finely-milled powders are loose powders; these are minerals that are finely milled and are weightless, making finely-milled powders a great option for people with drier skin types.

Final Thoughts

Cosmetics powder comes in different forms; you may find it very confusing, but if you are planning to do vlogging about cosmetics, you need to learn everything about makeup, including the basic – knowing cosmetic powders are one of the essentials of cosmetics, so do not miss it out.

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