Facts about Blackheads that You Must Know


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are around 50 million Americans who have acne. This statistic alone shows that no skin is perfect. Everyone has flaws when it comes to skin. 

Acne is a common skin problem that many teens and adults wish to evade. This skin problem has various types. And one example of it is blackheads.

Blackheads; what is it?

Blackheads are common among individuals with oily skin. These are small bumps on the skin that usually appears on the face. These bumps look black, which is the reason behind its name.

It forms when a clog develops in the hair follicles of the skin. Sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells collect in the skin follicle, producing a comedo. As it stays closed, the bumps are called whiteheads. But when it opens, the bumps are exposed in the air causing it to get black, hence the name blackheads.

The primary factors that contribute to blackheads growth are excessive oil in the skin, the build-up of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria, hair follicle irritation, hormonal changes, and taking drugs like corticosteroids and androgens.

Blackheads do not only appear on the face. It can appear in other parts of the body, including the shoulders, back, neck, arms, and chest.

The good thing with blackheads is that they aren’t painful, unlike pimples. Blackheads are not inflamed; however, their black color is easy to spot. As a result, most individuals with this skin condition use concealers, and other cosmetics to cover these bumps.

How to Treat Blackheads?

Treating blackheads is easier compared to severe acne. There’s no need to undergo expensive treatments and buy medicines to get rid of blackheads.  All you need are effective home remedies like baking soda.

Baking soda is a common kitchen item. It is also an effective cleaning agent. The purpose of this item goes beyond cleaning. You can use it as a remedy to blackheads.

Now, you have to remember that baking soda can cause skin dryness when applied frequently. When you use this substance, make sure to apply moisturizer to prevent the skin from getting dry. Furthermore, you can prepare a baking soda solution with natural moisturizers like honey, lemon, tea tree oil, turmeric, and milk. The added ingredients will prevent skin dryness and treat other skin problems.

Preparing a baking soda solution is not rocket science. You can find examples of these solutions at reliable online sources like the Younger Skin Guide. Go to this platform, and you could try this out.

Aside from using a treatment, you can avoid blackheads’ growth through early prevention. Here are some tips to keep your skin free from these awful black bumps.

  • Clean your face regularly by using special scrubs to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • Stop using make-up and cosmetics that cause the skin to produce more oil. Select non-comedogenic beauty products.
  • Stress triggers sebum production. Thus, get enough rest and relax to avoid stress.
  • Be careful of what you eat. Only eat nutritious foods like fruits and green vegetables, and steer clear from oily and fatty foods.

Do you want to find out more about how to take care of your skin?

Visit the Younger Skin Guide for a complete guideline on skincare.


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