Healthy and Safe Slow Cooking Tips for Every New Foodie


Slow cooking has been a part of every culinary culture for several years.

It is another method of cooking, where it uses low cooking temperature at 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (93-148 degrees Celsius) and between 4 to 8 hours. Slow cooking keeps the nutrients intact and improves the richness of aroma and flavor, while it tenderizes meat or hard root vegetables.

If you are interested in learning about slow cooking but hesitant to use a slow cooker due to possibilities of slow cooker explosion, here are some healthy and safe slow cooking tips that you should take note:

#1: Make sure you have a reliable and safe slow cooker

One of the essential parts in slow cooking is investing a reliable and guaranteed safe to use slow cooker; when it comes to this, slow cookers with ceramic inserts are the best and healthiest choice. Slow cookers with ceramic inserts are non-toxic, which is an essential component for a healthy and safe slow cooking process. Here are useful reviews of 5 best of slow cookers with a ceramic insert that you should check out.

#2: Always thaw the frozen goods before slow cooking

In general, it is not good to cook frozen food; there is a huge risk of harmful bacteria to contaminate the rest of the ingredients before the meat or frozen good reaches a safe temperature. In slow cooking, make sure to thaw frozen goods before putting it inside the slow cooker.

#3: Slow cook the right amount of ingredients

In slow cooking, you should not fill your slow cooker with ingredients that are no less than half full and not full than two-thirds; in other words, do not slow cook too much or too little because it can greatly affect the quality of the food, as well as, the safety in slow-cooking.

#4: Put the ingredients accordingly

When slow cooking healthily, you have to put the ingredients accordingly;

  • If you are cooking meat with hard vegetables, you should place the vegetables first before the meat because vegetables cook slower than meat.
  • Secondly, place the meat on top of the vegetables and then, you may now pour the sauce or water, or broth; this is to ensure that the vegetables’ flavor will perfectly blend in.
  • Third, set your slow cooker on high temperature for the first one hour; setting the right temperature during the first one hour is crucial to the slow cooking result. Moreover, if you set your slow cooker less than 185 degrees Fahrenheit during the first hour of slow cooking, the bacteria will grow quickly and easily on the food, even if the food is cooked for too long. For that reason, your slow cooker should start at 200 degrees Fahrenheit or preferably 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

#5: Always keep the lid in place

Never lift the lid of the slow cooker so fast when slow-cooking it could result in a possible explosion since the heat is ramping up. If it is not instructed, do not open the lid. If it is the time to open the slow cooker, wait for a few minutes, until the cooker has cooled down – this is if you are using the traditional slow cookers.

However, if you are using the advanced slow cookers, you still need not to open the lid, if not instructed because it loses the heat as it extends the cooking time. So, refer to opening the lid if not instructed.

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