Top Mistakes when Moving in to a New Home that You Should Try to Avoid


Moving out from your old home and into a new one is not easy; at any time, you will be juggling things from one place to the other, which makes moving to a new place quite challenging. But did you know you can trim down all the moving obstacles that every home-owner has?

Aside from purchasing necessary things for your new home, which are detailed on this page, you should remember to avoid doing these following mistakes when moving into a new house to avoid possible long-term problems.

Mistake #1: Wrong choice of movers

When it comes to moving, you need the right people to help you move out from point A and move in to point B. However, with so many options and the rush of moving out from your old home, you did hire professionals, but not the right movers.

If you are going to hire professional movers, make sure to do at least a quick research about the company. Do they often get customer complaints? Is the company licensed to operate? Do they have insurance? Will your equipment be safe with them while on the road? Are their service fees too much for your budget?

Also, are they licensed to move your things from one state to a new closer state if you are moving to a new state?

You should always ask questions before hiring anyone.

Mistake #2: Packing everything

Everyone is guilty of purchasing an item, a device, or any equipment and not using them at all. During moving to a new place, packing these items and bringing it with you will only slow down your moving out. Plus, it will only add extra expenses when you move out. However, you can’t just leave these items alone at your old home. Here are the things you should do then:

  • Try to de-clutter. De-cluttering will help you identify which home items you barely use or not use at all; you should start from your closet.
  • De-clutter several weeks before you move out – It is going to be a war between you and yourself, especially when you can’t simply let go of items that are either new or too sentimental.
  • Try to do a garage sale. Make money out of the items that you are planning to put away. However, if you can’t do a garage sale, try to sell them online or to your friends; this is one of the reasons why you should do de-cluttering several weeks before you move out.

Mistake #3: Make a list

To avoid confusion when packing and unpacking, you should make a list of the things you have packed. Label each box of what it contains. When packing, make sure to separate items accordingly; for instance, keep all fragile items in one container and it must be stored in a well-secured container. Place all the books inside another separate box. All your essential documents must be inside a water-resistant container.

Lastly, avoid packing when you are just days away from moving. You should start packing up at least two weeks before moving out.

Do not panic – it won’t help.


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