What are Dress Shoes for Men Made Of?


When was the last time that you treated yourself? If you have been working so hard all this time, maybe you deserve something great.

A man would look better with beautiful shoes. It is just a made-up quote, but maybe that would make you assess your shoe collection at home. Do you have gorgeous pairs of shoes that would give you that sleek look you want?

If you do not have dress shoes in your collection, then you are missing something. You can dress shoes for both casual and formal attires, depending on how good you are in pairing outfits.

Before buying dress shoes, you should know what dress shoes are made of first:

What are the constructions used for dress shoes?

  • Goodyear Welt

Do you have any idea what a welt is? For those who do not know, it is a strip that is usually made of leather attached to the insole and upper part of the shoe. It runs around the outsole and serves as an attachment for the sole.

A porous material or a cork filling offers a breathable factor and could even allow the shoe to mold to the shape of the feet.

Goodyear welt was invented and made by an American named Charles Goodyear, Jr. It has been around for a long time and is considered to be the most reliable and most durable shoe construction.

Since it is durable, it would a long time before the shoes wear in. Luckily, when the soles are damaged, you can easily replace them.

  • Blake Stitch

If the Goodyear welt came from America, the Blake Stitch is more commonly used in Italy. Compared to the first one mentioned, Blake Stitch has no welt, which makes it wear out more quickly. Moreover, the soles are mostly irreplaceable.

  • Norwegian Welt

The first idea that might enter your mind is the Norwegian welt might be used in Norway, hence the name. However, the fact is, this welt is more commonly used outside Norway.

In this method, the sole of the shoe is attached to the upper. It makes the shoe sturdy and waterproof. It even has additional stitchings.

What are the soles used for dress shoes?

  • Single Leather

Leather is undoubtedly the most elegant material that can be used in a dress shoe. Moreover, a single layer of leather can give the shoe a stylish and sleek feel.

As you already know, when leather gets wet, it becomes slippery and porous, which makes the rain your enemy. With that said, rubber soles would be a better choice if you do not want to spend a rainy night on the tiles.

  • Double Leather

Double leather can provide more warmth and protection and is also more rustic and robust. However, it could also mean that it would be less comfortable. Outdoor and casual boots use double leather to deal with harsher conditions.

The comfort level is the best factor that you should look for in dress shoes. When you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, it will surely show. Find out more about comfortable dress shoes in this post: https://comfortabledressshoes.com/ferro-aldo-mens-lalo-oxford-dress-shoes-review/.


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